Bee Inspired

"As a Beehive"
by Freshaire Designs
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Pressed Metal Lid
product and instructions found here, from Vintaj
I love the idea of giving an adorable jar of honey, like this one, to new Beehives.
Along with a tag reminding them of what it means to be a Beehive.
Infact, why not give them a jar of honey at Christmas or at the beginning of the New Year.
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Bee Humble Print
I could not find the source of this print.
If you know where it originated from please let me know.
After a mini lesson based on Gordon B Hinkley's 6 B's,

the girls could create their own "Bee" Print.
I love to see their creativity!

full talk here:

Bee-you-tiful Nails
idea found here
This would make for a fun Beehive class activity.
A mini lesson on what it means to "bee" beautiful.
Manicures and these cute bee inspired nails!
found here, FREE full size PDF here, from The Graphics Fairy
A beautiful tranferable print, to be used in so many ways...
Transfer onto wood blocks, pillowcases, canvas bags, it would be darling on a t-shirt.

Beehive (Hexagon) Quilt
idea sparked from Beehive Craft Collective
Why not hold a quilting Bee with the Relief Society women?
Have someone show the girls how to create a hand stitched quilt.
This hexagon design is a perfect representation of the Beehive.
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Visit a Bee Keeper
If you have the connections, plan a little outing for your class.
Let them see first hand what bees do.
Follow up by talking about what is means to be part of the Beehive class...
harmony, cooperation, work.

Rose Inspired

"As a Mia Maid"
by Freshaire Designs
Rose Petal Jelly
"It has a sweet light lemon flavor, followed with a gentle floral note from the rose petals."
recipe found here, from Symphonious Sweets
Class activity idea:
Prepare a batch of rose petal jelly (possibly fresh bread).
Deliver it, along with a fresh cut rose, to a few chosen individuals
who have shown "true beauty" in the way they live their lives.
DIY Rose Earrings
tutorial here, from Grosgrain Fabulous
another tutorial here, from PS: heart
These precious little earrings are so easy to make.
The roses (found at Michael's) would also make great pendants for necklaces.
Oh, you could also glue them onto a ring blank for an adorable ring.
Great incoming Mia Maid gifts or craft for a class activity...  just saying.
DIY Egg Carton Roses
tutorial here, from Rosi Jo'
Can you believe these beautiful roses were made from an egg carton?
This would be a fun craft to make after a mini lesson on recycling.
diy-giant-paper-flower tutorial
DIY Giant Paper Rose Flower
great step-by-step photo tutorial here, from Green Wedding Shoes
These would be such a fun welcome for a new Mia Maid!
Leave it on her doorstep with a note.
Or present it to her during class on her first Sunday as a Mia Maid.
I am sure she would get a lot of attention in the hallways.  :)
rose cookie
Rose Cookies
cookie and frosting recipes here, from i am baker
These adorable rose cookies (all in the frosting decor) are perfect for a Mia Maid luncheon.
Yes, I am throwing the idea out there...
I think Mia Maids should have an annual luncheon.
The Beehives in our stake have an annual Beehive Conference,
why can't the Mia Maids have an annual luncheon?
There, I said it. (well, typed it)  :)
Rose Covered Cake
also from i am baker, tutorial here
This technique could be taught during a cake decorating activity.
I love this, wanted to share.
Ric Rac Rosettes
various techniques here, from LayLock
Use these delicate little rosette on rings, hanging from a necklace,
made into a hair pin, grouped onto a headband or set as a brooch.
Great craft or gift.
also from LayLock
Camera Strap
For all you photographers!

Laurel Leaf Inspired

I thought it would be fun to put together a few class inspired finds.  This is for the Laurels!
"As a Laurel"
by Freshaire Designs
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DIY Laurel Leaf Wreath
found here
Made from plastic spoons, so clever and fun!
Have each of the girls create one of these after a lesson on
"finding and creating" beauty in the simple things
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Laurel Leaf Inspired Olympia Ring
found here, from the Sundance Catalog
Isn't this beautiful?
I just want one for myself!  :)
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Laurel Motif
found here
This would be a great gift for incoming Laurels.
Maybe with the words "honor and accomplishment"
printed below the laurel wreath.
(see the Lauel Wreath Graphic below.)
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Athenia III Grecian Laurel Leaf Wrap Bracelet
found here
I just liked this, and wanted to share.

Eco-Laurel Leaf Wreath
tutorial here, from The Nester
Made from recycled newspapers.
Another great project to go along with a mini lesson on recycling.
Laurel Wreath Paper Cut-Outs
by mommyholly
These would be adorable, simply mod podged on a block of wood.
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Velvet Leaf Halo - Laurel Leaf Headband
found here
I love this!
What a fun and seemingly simple craft.
Laurel Leaf Mirror
found here
This would be a fun little craft.
You could probably find small round mirrors at a local craft or dollar store.
Leaves could be made from felt, pressed tin or faux leaves.

Laurel Wreath Graphic
FREE download here, from Vintage Feed Sacks
Lavendar filled Linen Heart with Laurel Leaf Print
found here
These could be made very easily.
Use the Laurel Wreath Graphic above, print directly onto fabric, fill and stitch.
Perfect to place into a drawer (if scented filling is used, such as lavendar)
or hang on a door knob.
Another reminder of their goals.
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Greek Laurel Leaf Headband
found here
Another adorable headband.
Laurel and Hardy
When we were growing up one of my favorite family activities was watching reel-to-reel home movies.  I can still hear the slight clicking sound it used to make.  In addition to reels of home movies, my parents had a couple reels of Laurel and Hardy movies I loved to watch.  I wonder where all of those reels are hiding?  Would be such a fun treasure to find, along with the family movies of course.  :)

Pioneer Girls

With Pioneer Day approaching, I thought I would re-post this:
When I saw this American Girl Pioneer Party by One Charming Party I immediately thought to myself, "What a fun activity to celebrate Pioneer Day with the Young Women!"  Fresh baked bread, homemade jam, games...  and an awesome opportunity to discuss our Divine Nature, Pioneer Heritage, and Family History.  "Love it!"

I also found a few more ideas here.

1012 Project: "5k a day challenge"

I want to invite you, anyone who is interested, to join me in a little project I've been working on.  The thing is, you aren't going to know the details until this fall, but it begins today - whatever today is.  I call it my 1012 project.  The guidelines are simple and do-able.  Here is my challenge to you:
On October 12, 2012 I would love to have you share your experiences with me.  Simply leave a comment here or send me an e-mail.  In turn, I will also share the "rest of the story" with you.  :)
If you are accepting the challenge, please leave a comment.  :)

Grupo Arcoíris de Valores 2012

Grupo Arcoíris de Valores 2012
Grupo Arcoíris de Valores 2012